Sam Katz


Helping you grow your fundraising program during a time of uncertainty and disruption.


Over 15 years of experience fundraising in Canada, the United States and the Middle East. I am an honest, innovative and resilient leader, which has led me to be a respected expert in the field. I meet challenges head on which has helped me lead teams to successfully close over $25 million in gifts and pledges.

Talented Fundraising Consultant

Based on my education, knowledge of best practices and lived experience, I can provide you with meaningful and practical advice that will boost your results. Let’s work together to overcome barriers, achieve long term success and most importantly, build lasting relationships with donors.

We need to value donors as much as we need value from them.
- Reinier Spruit

Together, let’s take your fundraising
to the next level:

Annual Giving

Capital Campaigns

Fundraising Innovation

Raiser’s Edge

Digital Fundraising


Team Coaching


Email Marketing

Campaign Strategy

Digital Integration

Monthly Giving

Planned Giving

Board Education

Cause Marketing

Compelling Writing

Story Telling

Year-End Appeals


Donor Recognition

Strategic Planning

Foundation Giving

Mentoring & Coaching

Mobile Giving

Who's fundraising with Sam?


“Extremely Valuable Knowledge”
Sam joined my College Fundraising Events and Corporate Sponsorship class as a guest speaker, and we were extremely lucky to have him! Sam has a wealth of learned knowledge in the fundraising industry that is so extremely valuable to folks that have worked In the industry for a long time as well as for those just starting up! After his engaging presentation there were so many students that reached out to me with Immense gratitude for his honest look into planning and amazing tips that translate to any level of fundraising.
- Steve

“Professional Asset”
Sam is a fantastic person to work with. He is extremely organized and always has his head in the game. Work ethics, outcomes and the number of hats he manages to juggle successfully have always awed those around him. Sam is a professional asset to any organization.
- Vaaraki

“Highly Recommended”
Sam is one of the most professional, “on-the-ball” people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is dynamic, hard-working, inventive and a true team player. He is a people person who is highly emotionally intelligent. He is also extraordinarily bright. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him and would jump at the chance to do so again.
- Rachel

“Goal Oriented”
Sam is a high energy, focused and goal oriented individual. He is resourceful, fun to work with and in the face of adversity he is a bastion of ideas.
- Bernard

I’m here to help you meet your challenges and exceed your expectations! Are you ready?

Get in touch to discuss how I can help your fundraising department. No cookie cutter solutions or generic approaches. I’m here to meet your unique needs and tailor them specifically to your organization.

Let’s make a difference, together!

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